St. Rich Beard Oil

I’ve heard it said that some people just aren’t meant to have beards, and they are called women and children...  

If you think it’s ok for a man to shave, I’d agree with you, but then we’d both be wrong. 

St. Rich Beard Oil started out as an inside joke on a tour I was on several years ago.  I had started playing around with making my own beard oil and I began to take it very seriously.  Eventually, I began sharing my creations with the other bearded guys I was on the road with.  After making a new batch, one of the guys mentioned it smelling like Rich Mullins (a hero to several of us) and St. Rich Beard Oil was born.  At the time, I would make bottles, slap some neon gaff tape on the bottle and write "St. Rich" on it.  People started passing it around, and more and more people started asking for some of that "St. Rich", so I decided to take the joke to the next level and have a logo created and labels printed...

Before I knew it, a musician and author with a considerable following received a bottle as a gift and posted a picture of it on social media.  Our little secret was out...  I was being contacted by people all over the world hoping to buy a bottle, and my answer was always the same, "it's not for sale."  

After talking about St. Rich Beard Oil with Rich's family, I received permission to use his name and likeness under one condition, I give all the money away to charity.  So that's what I do.  I've never made a single penny off of St. Rich Beard Oil and I never will.  It's pretty amazing to think a hobby of mine has raised thousands of dollars for ministries that are making a difference in the world!

If you'd like a bottle or ten, contact me and we'll go from there!

Artists who wear St. Rich Beard Oil

- Mac Powell (Third Day)

- Todd Bragg (Crowder)

- Andrew Peterson

- Matt Maher

- Kevin Max (DC Talk)

- Jody Davis (Newsboys)

- Travis Nunn (Chris Tomlin)

- David Mullins (Rich Mullins' brother)

- Eric Hauck (Kid Brothers of St. Frank)

- Brandon Bagby (Mandisa)

- Jeremy Casella